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Latest Video news

1 aug 2016

Flora ICT is now Flora Traffic

Flora ICT continues it's services under a new name: Flora Traffic. Same Company, same people, different name!

26 nov 2014

Flora ICT moves into the Online Video Market with the launch of freevideos.com!

This new service works exactly the same as our Game traffic service. Contact us now to get your videos listed. Currently we are offering this service for FREE!

Visit the website at freevideos.com with your desktop browser or mobile device.

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We send traffic to your video pages by having them listed on freevideos.com. Check the information below how to get started. Please also take note of our rules and policies.

How it works

Flora Traffic delivers it's visitors using a unique system which is different from most other traffic sources.

On our websites a visitor can browse through a large number of video categories or execute a search to find a video that appeals to them. Instead of hosting the videos ourselves we show the visitor a preview of the video (thumbnail, description, tags, categories). By clicking on the preview we send the visitor directly to the video page of one of our trusted customers where they will be able to watch the actual video.

Our services

Desktop Video Traffic (international)

International traffic for your online video site from www.freevideos.com

Mobile Video Traffic (international)

International traffic from visitors using mobile devices

How to get started

If you are interested in getting your video pages listed for free, please let us know. Please include the following details:

  • who you are: name, company, email, IM identifier;
  • the URL(s) of your site(s);

To get listed, please visit our contact section or use the contact information below



Although our Company is not based in the U.S., we voluntarily comply with various U.S. federal laws, such as 17 U.S.C. §512. We do not guarantee any traffic volume and we maintain the right to stop sending traffic to any site, for any reason. We do not send traffic to sites that:

  • cheat or mislead us in any way; or,
  • contain illegal material;
  • contain viruses, trojans, malware etc.;
  • condone "piracy" or steal content;
  • advertises or promotes itself as offering pirated or stolen content;
  • facilitate or encourage activity such as password stealing, hacking, gambling, etc.

About Flora Traffic


Floratraffic.com is a service by Flora ICT BV; a Dutch company located in the city of Haarlem, near Amsterdam. Having many years of experience in online marketing, the team behind Flora ICT knows exactly how to manage high-traffic web sites that are visited by many users every day.


The team behind Flora ICT is dedicated to delivering great service to it's visitors and customers. Expanding our network benefits both us and our customers.

By being able to provide our visitors more and better content we can continuously improve their experience and offer our partners high volumes of quality traffic.

Getting listed on our domains means your content will be published on all of our portals and you will be able to reach a global audience. Do you want to reach a larger audience with your website, Flora ICT can help you realize this.

Our team

We have a close team and we believe that creating a positive environment for our employees not only enhances productivity and stimulates creativity. It is the foundation from which we build a stable, well organized and healthy company. Our sites are designed to give our visitors the best possible user-experience and offer them a large selection of free content. Together with our partners we are determined to build on our success and establish a premier traffic network.

Flora ICT is agile

Our development and design teams use the Scrum method. We have Certified Scrum Masters to ensure that the Agile Manifesto and Scrum principles are applied properly.

The team members are involved in every aspect of the development of the final product, which ultimately leads to a high quality product in short cycles. This means that the delivered product works 100%, has been tested and meets our high quality standards.

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E-mail us if you have any questions about our services or would like to find out more about our company. Or maybe you have an interesting proposal for us, please visit our contact section and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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